Dongwon Metal was founded in 1990. Based on decades of experience and know-how, we are strong in producing high-quality S/S cookware using 3ply, 5ply, and 7ply of new materials Multi-Ply.We are so proud to produce high quality cookware that can satisfy customers’ needs, well-designed design, durability, and well-being.

For decades, we have been exporting to leading kitchenware brand name such as Fissler in Germany, Cristel in France, Lagostina in Italy, Iittala in Finland, Renaware in USA and Yoshino in Japan.

Based on our experience in supplying these famous brands, we produce and sell top-quality products to leading domestic sales companies such as famous department stores in Korea, Atomy, Korean Ceramics, Pulmuone, and Cuckoo. Based on this long experience in production and sales, Dongwon Metal Co., Ltd. will do our best to continuously improve and develop the products for the best quality required by customers, not satisfied with the present. History